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     Since Zenyatta’s discovery of the Albany Graphite Deposit in 2011, the company has been actively engaging in meaningful dialogue with the Chief, Councillors, Band members and residents of Constance Lake First Nation on a regular basis. It is important to Zenyatta to work together as a partnership with Constance Lake First Nation in order to fully collaborate on the development of the Albany Graphite Deposit.                  

     Zenyatta has signed a Binding Exploration Agreement with Constance Lake First Nation and has a solid working relationship with the community in terms of collaboration, support and employment initiatives. This agreement covers opportunities arising from Zenyatta’s exploration operations.      

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      Zenyatta recognizes the major role that Constance Lake First Nation will play in the development of the Albany Graphite Deposit and will ensure that they can participate in the Northern Ontario economy to their full potential by working to better match skilled workers with employment that would focus on supporting the local labour market.         

     In addition, Zenyatta supports local businesses by directly and indirectly employing and contracting First Nations workers and operators at every opportunity throughout the early stages of the Albany exploration program. Over the past two years ZEN has recruited over 20 CLFN workers and has hired a full range of exploration workers with positions including; drillers, pad cutters, core cutters, technicians, catering staff, kitchen staff, camp site staff and contractors.       

     Zenyatta continues dialogue with Constance Lake First Nation to assist in the industry- community needs and will strive to centre ZEN’s objectives around Constance Lake First Nation’s key issues, so that the community can meet and supply future employment and mining demands. Zenyatta will continue to utilize contractors and companies who are 100% First Nation owned or who have Limited Partnerships with Constance Lake First Nation during the next stages of the Albany Graphite Deposit.



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