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     Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. embarked on a Market Development Program over a year ago to initiate validation of Albany Graphite in high-purity graphite applications. Since kick off, Zenyatta has had conversations with more than 35 end-users, academic labs and third party testing facilities in Europe, North American and Asia under confidentiality agreements.

     Many graphite end-users were provided with a small amount of purified graphite material produced at SGS during the development of a process flow sheet for the Albany Graphite Deposit, pursuant of a PEA.

     These samples are representatives of the product that could be processed and provide a good initial assessment and guidance for the potential of Albany Graphite for various applications. The goal of these initial samples was to screen Albany Graphite for suitable applications while gathering feedback from the end-users and testing facilities to improve the overall properties for high value applications.








End-Use Markets 

     Graphite’s diversity has secured a strong suite of traditional end use markets over the last 100 years. Refractories, metallurgy, lubricants, and carbon products such as car brake pads and carbon brushes have carved out a substantial business for many producers around the world. However, it is the emergence of the Lithium-ion battery and high technology performance products that has the potential to completely revolutionize the graphite world.

     Electric vehicles, portable electronic devices – mobile phones, iPads, power tools – and large scale energy storage all favour Lithium ion technology. In addition, consumption of high purity graphite for applications such as fuel cells, next generation of nuclear reactors, powder metallurgy, lubricants and graphene technology have the ability to alter the graphite space.

     The graphite end product, because of its high purity, could compete in the "synthetic" graphite industry. Uses include the lithium ion battery industry, vanadium-flow battery, fuel cells, next generation of new pebble bed reactors, powered metallurgy, lubricants, etc.        






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      Mr. Tadashi Yamashita serves as a Consultant and Member of the Advisory Board of Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. Mr. Yamashita has the responsibility of advancing marketing of the unique Albany high-purity graphite material throughout Asia. He served in various divisions of Mitsui Chemical during his 33 years career there including General Manager roles in the New York and Tokyo offices. He managed various new chemical products development as part of the Advanced Composite Material Division at Mitsui.